On the Road to Clean Air & Energy Security
Amereco BioFuels Corp. was founded in 2006 to pursue technologies that profitably explore and commercialize the creation, processing and delivery of environmentally-friendly, renewable biofuel products.  As its first project, the Company has developed innovative technology 
to produce biodiesel (“BDO”) efficiently from a variety of sources (i.e., feedstocks) that can be replenished through recycling and farming. Additionally, the Company markets various by-products of biodiesel production, such as industrial grade cleaners and releasing agents.

Amereco Arizona, LLC is the Arizona operating arm of Amereco BioFuels Corp and is located in Arlington, Arizona, west of the Phoenix metropolitan area. As the Company is environmentally friendly on all levels, it has designed its Arizona plant to keep both fugitive emissions and energy consumption to a minimum. The Company also recycles water, converts most of the byproducts of the biodiesel process to useful products, and the plant runs on biodiesel.

Members of management of the Company have been involved in the study and production of alternative and renewable energy and related technology for a number of years.

In the future, Amereco plans to synergistically progress to other feedstocks and byproducts from its plant to produce other biofuels. Further, given adequate resources, it intends to pursue one or more initiatives aimed at producing energy from various waste and renewable energy sources as well as other materials.

We intend to continue our research and development program for BDO internally and with the assistance of third party laboratories and research institutions.

Amereco is a member of the National Biodiesel Board and a Stakeholder member of the Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition.

Refining low-cost, 
non-edible fats and vegetable oils into high value biodiesel

“...each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.”

“We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories.”

From the 2009 Inaugural Address by President Barack Obama

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A compelling film about our reliance upon imported oil and the push for the adaptation of clean, alternative energy.




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